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Video Delivery

For the first time in history, has so much video been made available, by so many, to so many. In the traffic situation that this causes, the power of the Content Distribution Network of IP Transit rises to the resce. A purpose built CDN brings your video content on the network edge, next to the viewers, wherever they may be. What you get is smooth delivery without buffering and jitters, provided by a robust and reliable low latency network that scales.

Whether for download or streaming, be it Flash, Windows Media, Silverlight or Move Networks,we deliver your video fast. Contact us for a quote and you will see how speed and quality of service can go hand in hand with low cost and flexibility. IP Transit CDN solutions power your global reach. Fill out this form and together, we will deliver.

Audio Delivery

When you want a very big library of audio assets constantly available to your fans or your customers from within a secure environment, the IP Transit Audio CDN solution is what will ensure smooth delivery.

The power of IP Transit guarantees constant availability of your audio service no matter the preffered audio format or how many millions of streams you need to serve every day. With audio e-commerce skyrocketing, you will be ensured that your service is rock solid and of the highest quality. Because listeners have come to expect the highest audio and connection quality as the norm.

We also invite companies that provide streaming services to radio stations to contact us for a quote that will immediately reduce overhead costs while maintaining or raising quality standards. Fill out this form for a quote and to get information on the reporting capabilies and control over your content with our control panel. Contact us to power your global reach.

White Labels

If you are here looking for a way to distribute any kind of media, chances are that your contacts list can be leveraged to increase your profit margins, all while increasing your brand name visibility at the same time. Easy reselling of branded CDN services for any company or organization looking to diversify their product offering and add value for their upstream customers. All provided with you in complete control of your virtual CDN. IP Transit's White Label CDN solution also offers you the flexibility to rebundle and allows you to sell once more to your own resellers upstream, as well as to your direct customers. Express your interest by filling out the form below and you will receive an information pack with details on accounts control and the reporting process that allows you to manage your new CDN solution. A turn-key solution that puts the key in your hand. Contact us to discuss in more detail with one of our White Label CDN specialists.

Game Delivery

Being on the forefront of online game software delivery services, IP Transit provides dynamic mapping of the Internet using many distributed servers throughout the globe. Through the use of IP Transit's distributed delivery services, unlike alternative offerings that rely on centralized data-center servers, it becomes possible to achieve greater reliability and scale by delivering added value to any platform. IP Transit's dynamic content delivery capabilities also ensure that there will be no service outages in as-a-platform offerings, so gamers can experience constant immersion. We can power the global reach of your gaming experience. Your gamer customers will thank you.